Cousin of Fallen Soldier Serves in Afghanistan

The death of a Kingston soldier in Iraq last week was felt here at home and in Afghanistan. That's where Specialist Clint Williams' cousin is one of the National Guardsmen fighting the war on terror.

Thanks to our photojournalist Todd Larkin serving in Afghanistan with the 1-180th, we were able to speak with the cousin of Specialist Clint Williams.

When the terrible news came knocking at the door, not only did grief begin setting in for the family of Army Specialist Clint Williams, but even more worry for another loved one still fighting.

A soldier from Madill, who sent us an Email, said, "My name is Specialist James Williams. I am cousin to Sergeant Clint Williams. I am in Afghanistan with the 1-180th. I heard the news when I saw your report via [the] Internet. I want to thank you for reporting on the true heroes from southern Oklahoma."

But this 35-year-old says his cousin's death gives him more reason to remain focused. Only a fourth of the way through their mission, the 1-180th says they're making a difference by building schools, treating the sick, and winning the hearts and minds of the afghan people.

James and Clint spent a lot of time together as kids. When James joined the army, Clint would put on his uniform and play war games. The two had been keeping in touch through Emails up until his death.

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