Cattle Concerns in Ardmore City Limits

9-22-06 - Loose cattle are causing plenty of concern for an Ardmore neighborhood. On Thursday night, 40 head of cattle roamed through the Plainview Estates neighborhood near Myall Road.

Don Black had to call police for the fourth time in a week and a half Thursday night after 40 head of cattle got loose from their neighbor's pasture and headed toward Plainview Estates. Their hoof marks left hundreds of dollars in damage to several yards. But it's the nearby traffic from Plainview Road that worries Don.

City ordinance allows ranchers to house their cattle in ag-zoned areas as long as they keep them in the fence. We talked to the cattle owner today. He said vandals keep cutting his fence, letting the cattle out. He's working with property owners to pay for damages.

The pasture also runs adjacent to Highway 70. Neighbors fear the cattle might get out there and become a hazard to drivers.