Pakistan President Visits Local Hospital

9-23-06 - PARIS, Texas (AP) - Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf underwent "routine testing" with his doctor today during an unannounced visit to this rural East Texas town.

Musharraf, whose surprise appearance came a day after visiting President Bush in Washington, was "found to be in excellent health," according to a statement from Paris Regional Medical Center.

The hospital did not identify the doctor or elaborate on his relationship with Musharraf, who is 63.

In an Associated Press interview today in Washington, Pakistani Ambassador to the U.S. Mahmud Ali Durrani said he'd been asked about rumors that Musharraf had undergone heart surgery in Texas. He said Musharraf visited a friend who happens to be a cardiologist and that the friend suggested he be examined. Durrani said the Pakistani president is -- quote -- "as fit as a horse."

After leaving the hospital, Musharraf attended a private luncheon in the small town about 105 miles northeast of Dallas, The Paris News reported.

In a brief interview with the newspaper, Musharraf said his meeting with Bush was "extremely positive."

He would not discuss his planned appearance tomorrow on CBS' "60 Minutes" in which he says the U-S threatened soon after 9/11 to bomb his Muslim nation if it didn't support the war on terror.