El Nino May Bring Warm, Wet Fall

9-24-06 - OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Weather experts say Oklahoma could be in for a warmer and wetter than average fall and winter if the weather phenomenon, El Nino, continues to emerge.

The first signs of El Nino, also called the Southern Oscillation, developed in the past week, when warmer waters in the tropical Pacific were detected.

Andrew Reader of the Oklahoma Climatological Survey says whether warmer, wetter conditions in the fall and winter seasons will prevail depends on how strong El Nino is.

Reader says that from June through August, the state recorded its 11th highest average temperature since 1892. The average temperature, including night and day, was 81-point-nine degrees.

During those months, temperatures in Oklahoma City reached or exceeded 100 degrees on 38 days, six days more than a stretch in 2000 but still less than the 50 days recorded in the record-setting summer of 1980.

Reader says the last four strong El Nino periods produced above-average rainfall in Oklahoma.

The state's wettest period between October and March since 1951 came with the El Nino of 1998.