Hunters Fuel Land Grab in Southern OK

There is a new type of real estate rush in southern Oklahoma. Realtors say folks out of state buyers, particularly Texans, are willing to pay big bucks for land where they can hunt, fish, or ride ATVs.

A century after the great land run brought thousands of settlers to the sooner state, southern Oklahoma is experiencing a new rush. It's good business for realtors at anywhere from $3,000 an acre to $10,000 for smaller parcels of land near the lake.

The drought and poor cattle market have forced farmers to sell their land instead of leasing it to hunters. Low interest rates and a longer rifle season in Oklahoma fuel the rush even more. But there's only so much land out there, so you better get it while it's hot and the price is right.

Rifle season in Oklahoma was extended to 16 days this season. It's 60 in Texas. Hunters say if it was stretched even more to coincide with Texas, it would spur the rush even more.

The Internet also plays a major role. Realtors make a majority of their deals through their Web sites.