Parvovirus Hits Sulphur Dog Pound

9-27-06 - More than a dozen dogs living in the Sulphur Dog Pound had to be put to sleep this week after being exposed to a deadly virus.

Someone dropped four puppies off at the facility last week. Officials realized too late that the pups were not vaccinated for the parvovirus. By the time city officials took them to the vet it was too late.

Officials had to put those four puppies to sleep and euthanize 12 dogs that were exposed to the virus. Because it's highly contagious to other dogs, the animal control officer had to close the pound to decontaminate the area.

Veterinarians say because these dogs were stray, it's possible other dogs in the area could be at risk.

The parvovirus only affects dogs. Because it is a virus, vets can only treat the symptoms, so vaccinations are the best defense.

Dogs catch the virus from the environment. It's especially common in rural areas.