Missing Man Found Dead in Carter Co

A Duncan, Oklahoma man who was missing for more than a week has been found dead in a Carter County ravine.

Troopers say 58-year-old Arturo Flores was on his way to work at Smith-Valero in Ardmore when his life ended on Highway 53 in Carter County.

As his family mourns, they remember Arturo for the hard working family man he aspired to be.

Arturo Flores came to Oklahoma from Mexico in 1977. 17 years later he met his wife Bernice. They spent the next 12 years raising his three children and one grandchild.

Arturo Flores made the trip down Highway 53 to Ardmore every day for the past three years. A week ago when he did not come home from work, his family feared the worst. After days of searching, a Carter County deputy found Flores' Dodge pickup in a 30 foot deep ravine near Clemscott. They may never know what caused the accident.

For now, Bernice leans on family for strength and remembers Arturo as a hard working man who believed his family was the love of his life.