Don't Mess With Texas - Tops in Nation

AUSTIN (AP) - The well-known anti-litter slogan "Don't Mess
With Texas" has won a national advertising contest, beating other
famous phrases like "Got Milk?" and "Just Do It."

The Texas Department of Transportation's litter prevention
slogan won Advertising Week's 2006 Walk of Fame contest in New
York. That's what officials said Friday. It received more than
400,000 online votes.

A marketing campaign designed to promote "Don't Mess With
Texas" coincided with the slogan's 20th anniversary. Several
companies were recruited to encourage their employees to vote.
Voting went from June 20th until midnight last night.

Advertising Week is North America's largest annual gathering of
advertising and media industry leaders. State transportation officials traveled to New York for the victory celebration. The slogan will receive permanent recognition in the Advertising Icon Museum in Kansas City, opening in 2008.

Last year's winner was General Electrics slogan, "imagination
at work."