Ardmore Looks at Tougher Tobacco Regs

10-2-06 - Ardmore students are targeting tobacco use in Carter County. Their efforts to curb tobacco use could end up making more money for the city.

The students of S.W.A.T. (Students Working Against Tobacco) are asking the city commission to pass two ordinances: one to keep the air smoke free, and another to make it even tougher for kids their age to buy tobacco.

Oklahoma already has laws banning smoking in public places and banning the sale of tobacco to children.

However, officials say passing ordinances that mirror those laws will save the city time and money.

To enforce state law, a police officer must make an arrest, and then transport the offender to jail.

With a city ordinance, the officer issues a citation and moves on to another business.

Money from fines and court costs stay in Ardmore.

Janie Horton of Carter County Tobacco Use Prevention says, "It makes Ardmore proactive [because] it sits us up as a community that's concerned about its citizens [and] wants the best for its citizens."

Monday night is just the first step. Officials want to convince every city in Carter County to pass similar ordinances.

Officials are introducing the idea to commissioners at their meeting Monday night at 7:00PM.