$4.3 million Grayson College expansion adding new programs

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VAN ALSTYNE, TX -- Grayson college is expanding with help from an economic development grant. Officials say the expansion comes at the right time, with enrollment numbers skyrocketing.

Grayson College is adding a new 18,000 square foot building to it's South Campus in Van Alstyne.

"There's a real demand along that southern cusp of the Grayson County area and the northern Collin County area," Shelle Cassell said.

Grayson College marketing director, Shelle Cassell, says the College received a $2 million EDA matching grant to help pay for the new $4.3 million facility.

The new building will add four new programs to this campus. College officials say that is needed because at the main campus, enrollment numbers are so high, people interested in one program are being turned away.

"We have record enrollment. It's the highest that we've ever had here," Allan McAdams said.

Welding instructor, Allan McAdams is used to teaching 40 welding students per class, but this semester he has 55 in one clas.

"On a Monday, Wednesday morning there won't be a machine in that shop that's not running. I mean, we've pulled out machines on wheels. We've got gas powered machines out back and every single one of them will be fired up and running," McAdams said.

More than 200 students are enrolled in the welding program, putting it over capacity. The new campus will add or expand programs for budding welders, electricians and for those interested in occupational safety and health. They'll also expand a medical lab technology program.

"One of the reasons we're moving the medical lab technology program down there is it will fill a need for the metroplex because there really aren't programs down there to teach those skills," Cassell said.

Cassell says the college expects enrollment in the new programs to fill up quickly. And she expects Van Alstyne will see an increase in traffic, and an economic boost.

"Just the construction piece alone brings some economic impact to their area," she said.

The building is expected to be complete in fall 2014.

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