No More Flashy Signs in Gainesville

10-06-06 - No more signs will be going up on the two busiest streets in Gainesville. In a week and a half, the Gainesville City Council will be making a final decision on whether to revise their sign ordinance. The changes deal with two separate issues.

The first proposal affects digital marquee signs, and what appears on them. The city only wants to allow scrolling text; flashing or blinking pictures and words would be banned.

The second amendment will only allow new billboards to be placed along H2ighway 82 and Interstate 35. The thinking behind the changes is that it's too distracting to drivers.

If the proposal is approved, the two busiest streets, California and Grand, will be off limits for any new signs.

All existing signs will be grandfathered into the system the council could make a final vote on October 17.