Sex Offender Exempt From Registering

Folks in northwest Ardmore were outraged when they found out a sex offender was living in their neighborhood without registering. But their battle hit a dead end in court.

Vincent Purvey was convicted back in 1995 of sexual battery with someone over 16. But this year, he moved into an Ardmore neighborhood that was less than 2000 feet from Broadlawn Park without telling police.

In March, the district attorney charged him with providing false information and living within two thousand feet of a park. But those crimes didn't matter because of the Oklahoma ex post facto law.

Oklahoma law as of 2005 forces sex offenders to register 15 years after completing their sentence. When Purvey was convicted 11 years ago, he was only required to register 10 years after committing the crime.

The DA appealed the case once, but after Judge Walker's decision last week citing ex post facto, he says it's a losing battle.

Oklahoma sex offender registry officials see the law differently than Judge Walker. They say since Purvey purchased the home after the law came into effect, ex post facto does not apply.