Don't 'Leaf' the Recycling Behind

In Sherman, compostable leaf bags are available to the public free of charge, thanks to a $2,900 grant from the Texoma Council of Governments.

Environmental education coordinator Cary Wacker says 4,000 biodegradable bags of leaves will be picked up this week. So far 400 households are participating.

"Once the leaves are in the bags, they will start to break down, and will last about a week and then start to come apart, but the good thing is those bags can be placed in compost and will break down and there will be no plastic residue at all," Cary.

You can still pick up bags at the Sherman Municipal Building or you can call 903-870-1066 for more information. The city will pick up the bagged leaves through Friday and then again December 8 through 12.