School Intersection Could Be Dangerous

11-10-03 Everyone from city leaders to parents are asking that something be done to slow down traffic outside the Texoma Christian School.

The Texas Department of Transportation has agreed to conduct a school zone study to find out if anything will be put in place, but with the school sitting near Highway 56 and FM 1417, many parents say that's exactly what they need.

Many would like to see the speed limit of 50 and 60 mph lowered by 10 mph. Headmaster Eric Stricker says Texoma Christian has looked into a traffic light for several years now from the state, and with several recent fender benders, he says it's time to act now before a tragedy occurs.

Right now the city of Sherman is working on the behalf of Texoma Christian by writing an urgent letter to Tex-DOT. Tex-DOT has set up some temporary flashing lights so highway travelers will know that a school is nearby. It often takes several months for a school zone study to be conducted.