Truancy Cases Charge Local Parents

10-10-06 - Parents are the growing focus on a crackdown on truancy across the area. In Marshall County, authorities are joining forces to make sure kids stay off the streets and in the classroom.

Students have not even finished the first nine weeks but already some have missed up to 16 days of school.

The DA charged two Kingston parents for failing to provide an education last week and has several more cases pending.

In Oklahoma, if a student misses more than 10 days a semester, their parents are forced to appear in Courtland face up to a $25 fine per day.

Kingston and Madill police departments, along with area schools are focused on a no tolerance policy this year.

Truancy problems are no different south of the Red River. The Denison superintendent says they file eight to 10 reports with the justice of the peace every week.

In Oklahoma, the DHS can also investigate parents for educational neglect.