Grayson DPS Trooper Injured on Job

10-11-06 - A DPS Trooper based in Grayson County is recovering after an accident during a traffic stop Wednesday morning.

It happened in Whitesboro on Highway 82 when Trooper Sammy Bryant pulled over a truck and trailer near Bois D'arc Road. He was talking to the driver when an oncoming truck came by and clipped the stopped vehicle, knocking its mirror off.

A quick thinking and a quick moving Bryant, back flipped over the hood of the truck he had stopped, but the driver kept on going, oblivious to what had just happened.

Another trooper was able to track him down half a mile later. Trooper Bryant was checked into a hospital, but checked out OK.

When there is an officer or emergency vehicle pulled onto the shoulder, state law requires that drivers move to the opposite lane. If that's not possible bring your speed down to 20 below the posted limit.

The driver, 67-year-old Billy Bond of Whitesboro says he never saw the trooper or even realized what happened. He was not arrested, but received multiple citations and charges have been filed for passing an authorized emergency vehicle.