Hidden Cameras Illegally Tape Couple

An elaborate peeping tom scheme unfolded this week in a Carter County family’s attic. The couple discovered high-tech surveillance equipment installed in their attic when they were retrieving Halloween decorations.

That evidence led investigators to 25-year-old Travis Genn of Lone Grove, the family’s friend and former employee. They say he betrayed the couples trust by breaking into their home in the 2 thousand block of Mary Niblack and setting up cameras in the air conditioning vent of the master bedroom. From there, the cameras transmitted the images back to a digital video recorder, also stored in the attic.

Authorities believe it’s been going on since June. He’s also accused of stealing personal clothing. Genn is facing several charges including 2nd degree burglary, but for now is out of jail on bond.

The sheriff does not believe the suspect targeted other houses but says the investigation is far from over.

Genn has no criminal record but could face up to 17 years in prison and hundreds of dollars in fines if convicted on all three counts.