Homes Set for Demolition in Denison

The wrecking ball will be taken to several Denison homes in the coming weeks. It's part of a broad plan to clean up ugly and embarrassing parts of the city's main thoroughfares.

Eighteen homes have been set for demolition. City leaders say the homes are much more than vacant and unsafe.

While bringing down an old house isn't anything new, the city is focusing on new spots. Denison estimates there are almost 300 bad homes, and they are trying to concentrate on the ones that sit on Denison’s most popular routes, and while the clean-up includes only homes right now, even more buildings could be coming down in the future.

This is all a part of a huge revitalization project in Denison. The budget for these demolition projects could expand if they decide to demolish old commercial buildings as well. That will be discussed at the council's next work session.