Bad Hwy Intersection Getting Overhaul

A Sherman intersection is about to get an overhaul aimed at improving traffic flow and safety. Officials say the intersection of 1417 and Hwy 56 is one of the worst in Sherman.

25 accidents, including one fatality, have occurred at the intersection since 2003. Add to that the confusion caused by the current off and on ramps.

Highway officials say the solution will be to construct a whole new bridge and four on-ramps.

The new bridge will be constructed to the west of the current one and will eventually be four lanes once 1417 is expanded.

City officials feel the change is a necessary one to keep an expanding area safe.

TXDOT says the plan is going to take a year to complete and once it’s done, the city plans to add stop lights at the end of the ramps.

Reporting in Sherman, Daniel Gotera, First News.

The project is funded by TXDOT and will cost approximately $6 million to complete. It should start in february.