Bryan Co. Jail Awaits Word on Fines

10-17-06 - Bryan County officials met with the State Health Department in Oklahoma City to talk about fines related to health violations at the jail.

The meeting began at 10am and lasted until 4:45pm. Jail inspector Alyssa Dickerson was the only person to testify. She says she witnessed insufficient clothing and mattresses for inmates, insect infestations, and uncleaned graffiti on the walls.

The county could face up to $700,000 dollars in fines for health violations. The violations along with the problem of jail escapees has pushed the jail budget to levels that officials say are unheard of. Last week, commissioners agreed to increase funding for the jail to help keep up with the growing concerns.

Bryan County officials will have their chance to counter the charges. The next meeting is scheduled for October 30th.