Investigation Targets Ardmore Nursing Home

An Ardmore nursing home was the subject of a state investigation after complaints about the way Elmbrook trained its certified nurses’ aids.

The department of health found 7 deficiencies involving Elmbrook management's training program. They have 60 days to fix the problems before the state takes action.

Amie Eichhorn made the initial complaint that started the investigation. She says she was concerned with the way certified nurses aids were being trained. She cites several examples, including one case, where after two weeks of class work she says they were put on the floor to fend for themselves, guided by a mentor with only a hair more experience than herself.

She went to her superiors for support but when they didn't take action fast enough, she took the case to the state Department of Health. Inspection results released this week confirmed her concerns.

Based on a review of nurse aid training records and staff interviews, state officials found trainees were not being trained and were not proficient to provide resident care services. The program requires 75 hours of training.

The nursing home is working to clear up the problems. They've already submitted an improvement plan, and the nurse in charge of training has been terminated.

Amie was terminated three days after she notified state officials, but she says she'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Elmbrook management owns five other nursing homes in Ardmore. State officials say they've never been investigated in the past and have confidence they'll comply with inspection requirements.

Inspection Results: