Ardmore Suffers Higher Gas Prices

10-18-06 - Drivers in Ardmore are forking over more at the pump than much of the viewing area, even though the city is home to its own refinery. With prices hovering around $2.15 gallon, it's more than 15 cents higher than cities less than 30 miles away.

Distributors say there's no conspiracy. Wholesale gas prices range from $1.90 to $2.00 per gallon, and experts say state law requires stations to make six percent on their investment. Therefore Ardmore prices are what they should be to make money.

Distributors say those selling gas below the two dollar mark are violating state law. It's up to the attorney general's office to prosecute stations who charge less than the law allows. But state officials say there's too many stations to keep track of so gas wars continue to go unnoticed.

Another driving force behind Ardmore’s prices is the interstate. Stations can charge that much because drivers are willing to pay it.

What also confuses drivers about the high gas prices is that the Valero Refinery is in their own backyard. But distributors say that has no bearing.