Illegal Worker Investigation in Ardmore

10-18-06 Debates over illegal immigrants have swept the nation the past few months. Now Ardmore police say it's becoming an issue in their city, and in the end the taxpayer loses.

Officials say the quest for jobs drives illegal immigrants into our area. This week, Ardmore police caught five Hispanic males red-handed.

Police were investigating a case concerning threatening phone calls when they realized all five men were using fake Social Security cards, a way for them to get a job at a major employer in town without the business knowing they were illegal.

Ardmore police are still investigating and haven't made any arrests yet, but cases like these are costing taxpayers millions of dollars every year.

Last year, Oklahoma forked out $7 million to imprison illegal immigrants and many more are never prosecuted.

Ardmore police say the case may be more far reaching than once thought. Federal authorities might come into play as well.

Political officials say immigration issues will play a major role in upcoming elections.