S&S FFA Members Help Kids

The following is a news release from S&S FFA Advisor Justin C. Lacy:

45 S&S FFA members volunteered to work the “Little Hands on the Farm” exhibit at this year's State Fair of Texas in Dallas. Last years exhibit was the largest attraction at the fair with over 20,000 children participating.

The “Little Hands on the Farm” exhibit guides children through a series of hands-on experiences where they act as "farmers and ranchers” They complete common daily farm chores ranging from egg-gathering to planting seeds and digging up an artificial vegetable to feeding and milking a "Holstein dairy cow."

After harvesting their produce the little farmers receive "money" for their goods in which they take to the grocery store to buy food items.

Sondra Wallace “Little Hands on the Farm” Superintendent said, “We love it when S&S FFA comes to Little Hands. The comment box overflows with outstanding comments about their performance working with the children and S&S has been the best group of volunteers for the past 2 years.”

Warren Maher said,” It gives our students the value of community service and gives them the opportunity to share their knowledge with urban kids who think that milk simply comes from the grocery store and have no idea what else is involved.” Justin Lacy said, “This project is all about giving back to our communities. Our students have a wealth of agricultural knowledge and they enjoy sharing it with others.”

Opportunities such as this would not be possible for our students without the support of our teachers, local school board and administration.