Environmental Activist Hunger Strike

10-26-06 DENTON, Texas (AP) - Eleven environmental activists say they've begun a hunger strike to oppose 16 coal-fired electricity
generating power plants proposed for Texas.

They say they began their fast yesterday and will continue it
through Election Day November Seventh.

Their announcement comes nearly a year after Governor Rick Perry
signed an executive order to speed the permitting process for the

Karen Hadden is executive director of the Sustainable Energy and
Economic Development Coalition and organized the protest. She says
Perry's order made Texans believe an energy crisis exists that
requires the quick development for new plants.

Hadden says no such crisis exists, and the announced fast aims
to press state leaders consider cleaner technologies -- like wind
power and other renewable energies.

Perry spokesman Robert Black has said that the new plants will
be 80 percent cleaner than the current national average.