Bulk Trash Pick-up in Sherman

The following is a news release from the City of Sherman:

Trash Pick Up Options for Sherman:

Sherman residents accustomed to spring and fall trash removal of large items have a flexible option. The regularly scheduled fall clean-up has been replaced by a program that permits residents to choose any time throughout the year for one free bulky waste collection. The spring clean-up continues each year on dates determined by the City.

“Several years ago, the City Council made the decision to allow residents the added convenience of arranging for special trash pickup when they needed it most,” said Jeff Miller, City of Sherman director of public works and engineering. “It saves taxpayer dollars as well because by conducting only one massive pickup, we spread the City’s workload throughout the year which is a more efficient use of resources.”

The special trash collection allows up to 15 cubic yards of material, which is more than most residential customers need, according to Miller. Commonly discarded items include tree limbs, furniture, building materials, and appliances. They should be put at the curb, because City personnel are prohibited from entering private property, such as houses, yards or garages.

Brush and wood should be stacked away from other refuse so the City can haul it to a different site for recycling.

There are some things the City cannot take, such as concrete, brick, rock, paint liquids, pesticides and household hazardous waste. Detailed information is available by calling the City’s solid waste department at 903-892-7261.

Since there can be only one free pickup by request at each address per calendar year, Miller encourages residents to make the best use of the service and wait to call until they have a substantial amount to remove. Additional trash pickups are available, but there is a charge. When City personnel receive a call for pickup service, they check whether there has been a request at that address in the past calendar year. If the customer has already used the free special pickup, City staff will come to the residence to provide an estimate for removal.

Miller said that the department gets 15-20 calls a day to schedule pickups of bulky trash, so people should plan to call in and make arrangements a week in advance.

The biggest misconception among residents, according to Miller, is that if they simply put the trash out by the curb, the City will see it and pick it up. Not arranging for removal is actually a violation of city code and when personnel see that it has occurred, a message is hung on the resident’s door notifying them about the proper procedure. Failure to comply within 10 days may result in a complaint filed with municipal court.

“People became accustomed to regularly scheduled fall and spring clean-ups and we understand that it’s hard to change,” said Miller. “But when one person sets trash out and their neighbors follow suit without calling to make arrangements (at times other than the scheduled spring clean-up), we can have a chain reaction that turns in to quite a mess.”

Generally, people are pleased with the new options, Miller said. They have the discretion to utilize a free service at a time that is most convenient for them, the City saves taxpayer dollars and there is still the annual city-wide spring clean-up available to all residents.

To learn more, or to arrange for a special trash pickup, call 903-892-7261. Or look on the City’s website at www.ci.sherman.tx.us.