A+ Athlete: Caroline Webb

Caroline Webb stays busy. The Texoma Christian Senior is active in basketball, volleyball, and track and still remains an honor student.

President of the Texoma Christians Student Council, a member of National Honor Society, and president of the drama club, just to name a few. Caroline never has a free moment.

"I try hard really hard to make good grades, as well to be a really good athlete. I understand that when I go to college, it’s not only going to be about playing basketball. It’s going to be about making good grades and getting an education. That’s what’s more important to me."

Her coach, whose also her dad, says manages her time through all her activities. But when you come from a family of eight, time management is a necessity.

Claude Webb says, “Well we have a family of six kids and so juggling time is something we’ve learned to do well. But the one thing I admire about her, she’s very disciplined and takes her grades seriously. On road trips she studies, and she has to think ahead If we have a tournament on a weekend, she’s studying a week ahead so she’ll stay caught up."

Caroline’s still debating on where she wants to go to school. She knows that she wants to major in art.