New national retailer coming to Ardmore

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ARDMORE, OK – A new store and large national retailer is coming to the city of Ardmore. It’s good news for area shoppers and city leaders looking to keep those shopping dollars close to home. Shelby Levins brings us the details.

Right now the lot next to Stage holds just a pile of dirt. And the sign space in the Ardmore Commons remains empty. But that’s all about to change.

“I’m happy to say that Ross for Dress for Less Stores is coming to Ardmore,” said Burk Collins, the Ardmore Commons property owner and real-estate developer.

Collins said after two years of negotiations with the store, the lease is now finalized and Ross will be opening in Ardmore in 2010.

“It makes our shopping center 90% leased, it gives a national retailer a presence here in Ardmore which everybody has been looking for quite some time,” said Collins.

Local shoppers we talked to agreed with Collins and told First News they were excited the retailer is coming to town. But another store in the Ardmore Commons strip mall isn't just good news and another option for shoppers. City leader say it will translate into big bucks for the city itself.

“It brings in revenue for the city in the form of sales tax and sales tax is the life blood of the inner-city,” said John Moore, the Vice Mayor of Ardmore.

Vice Mayor Moore says the money generated in sales tax could go to brining in new projects or repairing old streets.

Being a Southern Oklahoman himself, Collins said he’s happy to be a part of improving the Ardmore economy, and is thankful he’s not feeling the affects of the slumping national economy.

“Our business is as a good as it's been for the last 8 or 9 years,” said Collins. “The only difference is it's hard to get money for new projects, it's almost impossible in fact.”

But don’t worry, Collins says that’s not slowing progress on his properties. He already has some other deals in the works. Collins says he plans to bring two more restaurants to the Ardmore Commons and a Big Lots store is signed to lease the old Goody’s at Mountainview Mall.

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