Denison Teen Could be Latest Victim of Flu

11-2-03 - Concerns over recent flu deaths are sweeping the area. Three children have died while suffering flu symptoms in the past 5 days, including a teenager from Denison. Saturday night, 16-year-old Beverly Taylor complained of flu-like symptoms and an aching back. She was a healthy teenager but after two trips to the emergency room in just two days, she passed away. Beverly's grandmother, Charlene England, says doctors at Cooke Children's Hospital in Dallas believe Beverly died of multi-system organ failure. She tested positive for Type-A influenza, though her exact cause of death has not been determined.

Counselors have been on hand for grieving students at Denison high school. While the district has not seen a jump in absences from the flu, nurses and administrators still warn parents and students to be cautious. The Grayson County health department says this year's flu virus has mutated and one strain is not covered by the vaccine. The virus is especially dangerous and can turn deadly if there is a secondary infection. Two young children in Cooke County also died with suspected flu symptoms. Autopsies on all three should provide a final ruling..