Tishomingo Lodge Gets Crucial Grant

10-27-06 - A one-time Johnston County hot spot is getting a new start thanks to federal volunteers and state money.

For the past six years, the Pennington Creek Lodge in Tishomingo has stood vacant because the city could no longer afford to maintain it. However, folks in the community wanted to change that, and now, they're getting their chance.

For the past few weeks, members of AmeriCorps, a federally funded group, have been renovating the place, adding a coat of paint, plus doing small repairs and a giant clean-up.

However, that wasn't enough to get the lodge up and running again.

With help from local lawmakers, city officials were able to secure a $75,000 dollar state grant.

This time next year, the lodge should be packed with family retreats and boys and girls clubs.

AmeriCorp Volunteer Dan Maysfield says of the renovations, "The people realized it was a major undertaking for us. [They are] very appreciative, [and they] realize all the work we've done."

The Elks built the camp in the 1950's, but the city took it over about 15 years ago.

Officials expect the Pennington Lodge will pay for itself and boost the local economy.

Twenty-thousand dollars of that grant will go toward building a skate park.