Curbside Only Delivery in Madill

11-5-06 - Walking mail routes have been kicked to the curb in the city of Madill. To make it easier on their employees, the Madill Post Office is asking folks to install mailboxes 48 inches off the ground and close enough to the curb to reach it from a vehicle.

When Patti Sparlin took over as postmaster 14 years ago her postal supervisor urged her to go curbside, but she refused because of the number of elderly customers. But when her employees came to her fearing for their safety, she decided a change was in order.

Rain or shine, mail carriers hit the streets, braving the weather and aggressive pets to make sure you get your mail. Right now, 50 percent of customers already get their mail curbside. Postal officials say it will save them money and enable them to deliver the mail faster and more efficiently.

By law, the post office cannot change its mode of delivery. This is only a request. For folks who are elderly or disabled and can't walk to the curb to get their mail, the mail carrier will deliver to their doorstep.