Cat Traps Anger Ardmore Neighbors

An Ardmore neighborhood is caught up in a cat fight. In April, cats began disappearing from the Western Heights addition, and now police say a frustrated neighbor was the culprit.

They say Larry Holbrook got tired of cats jumping the fence and using his flowerbed as a litter box. He says he warned neighbors, and then took the matter into his own hands.

Since April, he's trapped nine cats in his yard. The last one went missing on Sunday. Neighbors have located three, but six are no where to be found.

At first Holbrook was taking them to Caddo Creek and dropping them off. State law says you can trap animals on your property, but you must take them to the animal shelter. Holbrook says he didn't know that.

Most of the cats that turned up missing were indoor pets that were spayed or neutered. Owners are working with neighbors to apply repellent to their flowerbeds to keep pets away.

Since Holbrook took the pets to the country instead of a shelter, he could face misdemeanor charges for abandoning domestic animals.