Store Brand Pain Reliever Recalled

WASHINGTON (AP) - Wal-Mart, B-J's, Kroger and C-V-S are among the big chains that sold a popular painkiller now being recalled.

Nationwide, eleven (m) million bottles of acetaminophen are affected. That's the generic version of Tylenol, though officials stress the brand-name version is fine.

These pills were made by Perrigo for dozens of retailers. The concern is that there might be metal fragments in the pills. According to federal regulators, they've already found everything from minuscule pieces of metal up to a wire that's one-third of an inch long.

Perrigo got concerned when it realized its pill-making equipment was wearing down prematurely. Metal turned up in about 200 of the 70 (m) million pills checked.

The acetaminophen comes in 500-milligram caplets and was bottled in various amounts.

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