USDA Clears GW Exotic Animal Park

11-10-06 - The owner of an exotic animal park in Wynnewood says his park has been cleared of wrongdoing, despite the claims of a national animal rights group.

The USDA conducted a surprise visit at the GW Exotic Animal Park this week. Officials found no evidence of wrongdoing, but the park director says it could take months to recover from the bad rap.

The People for Ethical Treatment of Animals released a video tape they said proved animals were suffering from abuse and malnourishment.

A park employee was the one who captured the video. He was later fired for failing a drug test.

Investigators reviewed the tape and found no criminal evidence. A USDA inspector combed the park for violations but turned up nothing, the same results they got on two previous inspections.

The park relies on donations to operate. Directors say the money stopped rolling in when PETA released the tape.

The only violation the USDA noted in the past year involved a fence being too short. The park fixed the problem within ten days.