Internet Sex Sting Controversy

Residents of Murphy, Texas are upset about a sex sting of child predators about to be aired on national TV.

The NBC show Dateline plans to air an episode where sexual predators are lured into a house in Murphy and are arrested.

This is not the first time Dateline has done a show like this. But residents in Murphy have mixed feelings about the sting. The mayor says he hopes Murphy won't be used again as a trap for child predators.

Murphy is about 20 miles northeast of Dallas.

An assistant district attorney in Terrell, Texas shot himself when he was served with an arrest warrant for soliciting sex with a minor. That's what broke the news about the planned TV show...

Mayor Bret Baldwin says, "Probably behind closed doors, we will go as a council and we will discuss kind of what we heard and the situation and, and we will determine if any action, any further action needs to take place."

Murphy Police Chief Billy Myrick says, “I will never in my lifetime career of almost 29 years now, would I have ever imagined getting this kind of a backlash for protecting the kids all around us and, and because somebody felt like we did it in the wrong place."

The show is a group operation between an Internet watchdog group called perverted justice, and the show Dateline.