Cooke County Business Promotion

A Texoma county is making a push to attract more business. Officials say it's a long time coming.

To the Dallas/Fort-Worth area, it's the county that was once called "The Last Frontier." Now Cooke is trying to make a comeback.

Gainesville businessman Bob Smith says the county is in a great location for business. But that change is not going to happen overnight.

Newly elected commissioner Steve Key made bringing more economic growth to the county part of his campaign. Now, he is trying to work with local business owners to attract more companies and shine what he calls a diamond in the rough.

Leaders say they want to make Cooke County the "Gateway To Texas." Local leaders say bringing in new people is great for the economy, but the challenge will be maintaining the county's historic appeal.

Key says he's confident that the right people will see the potential that he sees. He says the county needs entrepreneurs to bring the county out of the shadows.

Key also says that the county has to focus on retaining the business that they already have.