MADD Calls for Interlock Devices

WASHINGTON (AP) - Texas-based Mothers Against Drunk Driving is
marking the holiday season with a new campaign.

On Monday, MADD leaders held a Washington news conference where they called for new technology to wipe out drunken driving.

The Irving-based group's Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving
calls for:
-- tougher enforcement
-- better use of new technology
-- support for emerging technology
-- and grassroots mobilization.
MADD wants states to require breath-test interlock devices in
the vehicles of all those convicted of drunken driving -- even just
a first offense.
The device shuts down the car if alcohol is detected. MADD also wants more sobriety checkpoints.

Joining the campaign are the National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration, the Distilled Spirits Council and the International
Association of Chiefs of Police.