Honoring Our Veterans: Message to Soldiers

11.24.06 All month we've honored our veterans. We’ve seen them laugh and cry. Now they want to honor those currently overseas. A special tribute to the men and women fighting for our country.

Bob Jamison, Vietnam Veteran says, “The only advice I'd tell a kid going over now a days is just be careful. Be careful."

Bill Kyle, Veteran says, "Absorb as much as you can. In a real war situation, you want to react. When someone says down, everyone needs to be down"

Theresa A. Schaefer, Army says, "Think of your families."

James Price, Vietnam Veteran says, “War does something to a young man that unless you experience it you just never know."

Casey Phillips, Iraq Veteran says, "Just keep your head up. Don't listen to protesters because there's more people backing you then what you hear about."

Thomas Chounard, WWII Veteran says, “I don't think their isn't a man that has been in a real tough combat, that doesn't think about where he's been, what he's witnessed, and what he wishes he could have back."

James Price says, "You learn life is not forever and your not invincible. You find it's alright to cry."

Casey Phillips says, ‘Just remember what we're over there for. You know it's better to fight them over there, than it is over here."

Bill Kyle says, “Pray a lot. We do pray a lot."

Theresa A. Schaefer says, "God bless you."