Retailers, Shoppers Enjoy Black Friday

11-24-06 Tables all over the country are cleared after the Thanksgiving holiday. Now, area shoppers are taking on another holiday tradition, this time at stores all over. It’s known in the retail industry as Black Friday and Sherman stores were among those across the country flooded with anxious buyers.

It’s become a part of the Thanksgiving tradition; shoppers flooding stores and getting their hands on gifts as early as possible. Unfortunately for them, trying to beat the rush didn't do them any good as they were stuck in long lines with the rest of the crowd. Hundreds of cars filled the parking lots at the Midway Mall, the Sherman Towne Center and Academy.

Some shoppers woke up this morning at 3:30 but at Best Buy about 100 people lined up to get in at 8:45 last night. This year, analysts expect an increase for the retail industry as a whole across the country and stores are hoping that the revenue on this day will set them up for the busy next month.

A lot of people who shopped in Sherman today did not live in the city, but they prefer the shopping in Sherman because of its wide variety. Best Buy told us that 9,000 people had passed through their doors since they opened up this morning.