Military Horses For Sale

11.27.06 AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - They aren't the usual military surplus
goods auctioned on-line. Rojo and Ninety-Nine are special items with special needs.

They're 10-year-old quarter horses used as ceremonial mounts in
the Army's First Cavalry Division at Fort Hood. Now, they're heading into retirement, and the Pentagon's online auction contractor says it's looking for a loving home where the steeds will have lots of room to roam.

Tom Burton's president and chief operating officer of the contractor Government Liquidation. He says the horses "served with honor" and deserve to be take care of.

Burton says the last horses auctioned by Government Liquidation
sold in the range of $500 to $2,000 dollars. Like all the online auction items, bidding starts at 50 dollars. Those considering buying the animals can view their photographs and descriptions on the company's Web site. Sealed bids will be accepted until December 7th.

The company says Rojo has a chronic lameness problem and is most
suitable for light riding or a pasture companion for another horse.
Ninety-Nine has nervousness and varying temperament, making him
best suited for an experienced rider.

Both have been ridden in ceremonies and parades as part of the First Cavalry Division's horse detachment.