Dickson City Short on Police Officers

11-27-06 - Budget shortfalls could leave a local city short on police officers. Dickson city leaders met Monday night to hammer out a solution. In October trustees were forced to eliminate officers' benefits including retirement and health insurance and to let one officer go. They say officers aren't writing enough tickets to pay the bills.

On Monday night, they'll put their heads together to come up with a way to resolve shortfalls in operating revenue. That could mean reducing the force of town employees including police officers. They've already cut benefits and hours. However, that wasn't enough to bring them out of the red.

Officials say they lost $17,000 through the police department in the last 3 months combined. The chief of police will make a presentation suggesting trustees adopt a reserve officers program where officers work on a volunteer basis. Trustees fear they won't have enough public interest to make that program work. The five members of the police department plan to be on hand tonight to voice their concerns. Many have had to take on part-time jobs to support their families.