Dollar General Fire Update - Arson

Investigators believe an arsonist was responsible for the Dollar General fire in Sherman last Wednesday night. Several clues led to that conclusion, and the fire may also be tied to another dg fire on a holiday in 2005.

About an hour before firefighters responded to the fire on Travis Street Wednesday night employees extinguished a smaller fire in the back of the store. They didn't call for help until a much larger fire came from the center of the store.

Three fire departments worked to put out the two alarm fire. The fire investigation has revealed four fires were set in different parts of the store contributing to the larger fire.

About a year and a half ago a Dollar General store on East Lamar Street caught fire and was ruled arson. An arrest was never made and they can't say for sure the two instances are related but the fire chief says two fires in that short a time frame is a connection worth pursuing.

The store is closed until further notice. Three other businesses were also damaged. All of those have reopened.