A+ Athlete: Rebecca Rulla

12.01.06. Rebecca Rulla doesn't have a lot of spare time. She has a 4.0 GPA and is taking 6 Advanced Placement classes (that's not easy).

Melody Young, Sherman High School Teacher says, “she knows what she wants and she will go after it, no matter what it is and she will do what she had to do to get it done. She’s not afraid of hard work.”

A swimmer for Sherman High School, Rebecca has placed as a regional finalist for the last two years. She is also the school record holder for the 100 yard butterfly. But it's more than just her athletic abilities, Rebecca is dedicated to the Sherman High Marching Bands Color Guard.

But it's her academic achievements that stand out. A UIL math and science member, Rebecca has placed as a district qualifier. “For me if I didn’t do everything, I’d be bored. I am type A personality. I want to be involved in everything. If not I’d be jealous of the people who would. I get excited when I excel at something. I succeed in anything I attempt, so I want to attempt everything to get as much success s I can.”

Rebecca plans to attend Austin College here in Sherman and major in pre-med.