Calera Escapee Captured

12.01.06. Calera Police say Kerry D. Welborn turned himself in just after 7:30 Friday evening.

Welborn was arrested early Friday morning for burglary, but managed to free himself and run. He was taken into custody at his grandmother's home.

Officers say Welborn was also wanted in connection with another burglary that happened Monday.

Thirty weapons and jewelry were taken from a Bryan County antique store. Police say they've recovered all but 3 of the stolen weapons.

Welborn faces burglary charges.

Calera police are asking your help in locating a man that escaped from their custody. The incident happened around 2:00 Friday morning.

Officers say they responded to a burglary in progress and that’s where they found two suspects. Both were handcuffed and placed into separate cars.

Police say one of the subjects, Kerry D. Welborn, was able to take the handcuffs off from behind his back, then escaped out the window of the police car. Authorities are not only looking for Welborn for the crime on Friday morning, but also for a burglary that happened on Monday.

Calera police reported 30 weaons and jewelry taken from the Step West Antique Store on Highway 75. Police have recovered all but three of the weapons stolen; most of which were found on the property of the home of Welborn's accomplice.

Authorities are describing Welborn as:
White male
6-feet tall
Brown hair
Blue eyes
Multiple scars on left arm.

Officials reported that Welborn has indicated that he will not go back to prison and they warn citizens to be careful. Welborn is considered armed and dangerous.

If you have any information you're asked to call the Calera Police Department at (580) 434-7000