Missing Duncan Teen Found in Sherman

A missing teenager from Duncan, Oklahoma was found in Sherman this morning. The 38-year-old man accused of running away with the girl has been taken back to the Duncan police department. Thanks to managers at the Sherman Wal-mart and the quick response from Sherman police.

The drama unfolded around 9:30 Monday morning. Authorities got word that
38-year-old Guadalupe Barcenaz-Gonzalez was in Sherman with the 13-year-old girl he's accused of running away with. The girl went missing on Saturday December 2nd from her home in Duncan, Oklahoma. The girl’s mother called the FBI who tracked Barcenaz down on his cell phone. The two ended up at the Sherman Wal-mart where management was able to stall the man and keep the girl safe. According to police the suspect and victim met just over a week ago through a mutual friend. It is still unclear as to what their relationship is.

The two stayed in protective custody in Sherman while Barcenaz waited to be extradited back to Oklahoma. The girl is back in Duncan with her parents tonight. Because the girl consented to leave with Barcenaz, police say this was not a kidnapping. Barcenaz faces felony charges of child stealing.