Layoffs at Sherman's Cigna

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12-8-06 Cigna has announced it's laying off 23 Sherman employees. The moves comes during a period of expansion for the employee benefits company. Corporate officials say the cuts are part of a restructure process.

The move comes while a new Cigna building is under construction in Denison. Officials say the cuts affect management positons.

While Cigna is cutting back managers, a company spokesperson says a plan is in place to add more service personnel. Currently 860 people work for Cigna's Sherman operation.

The spokesperson says Cigna's healthcare business in Texas is growing at fast rates. To meet growth demand, company officials decided they needed more people interacting directly with customers, and fewer people in office management positions.

Cigna officials say those affected by the lay-off are welcome to apply for these positions, but the new positions aren't in management.

Officials say the moves are no reflection on employee performance, and they're working with other employers to help them find other jobs.