TMC Softer Mammograms

12.13.06. Have you had a mammogram? Do you need a mammogram? Are you scared of a mammogram? If so, you're not alone. But a new technique in Texoma could make that fear, a thing of the past.

A new revolution in mammography. Texoma medical center is the first in our area to become a certified softer mammogram provider. They're hoping women will come and have their mammogram and not fear the pain.

Imagine having a mammogram that's softer and warmer for women and men. Texoma medical center is proud to announce they have switched to a softer mammogram provider.

Barbara Henderson RTR /TMC Lead Mammography Technologist says, “It’s a little bit more soft. More comfortable, more warmer and it helps the breast tissue too. This was real slick and sometimes it would slip out, so it helps adhere tissue."

So how does it work?!

This cushion padding, which looks and feels like a mouse pad is laid onto the machine, then the woman places her breast onto the padding.

Henderson says, "We try to position the breast as best we can then we go down as gently as we can with the compression and try to let the patient have a little bit of control. We need to get a certain amount of compression to be able to get a good study."

It's that compression that in the past women feared and in many cases avoided. Now doctors hope this new technique can ease those fears and in turn. Save more lives. "Most women who come in here say it's not as bad as the horror stories they heard before."

So if you haven't reached the age of 40, how do you know when you should have a mammogram ?

Barbara Henderson says, “If you feel a lump or pain of any kind, or any kind of discharge (especially bloody or black discharge), or if you have a strong family history, those would be indications.

Doctors recommend that women check themselves regularly. Have your Gynecologist or physician check you annually. Then after the age of 40, you should get a mammogram yearly. Doctors say it takes those three components for good breast health care.

One other perk about the breast cushion is that it’s recyclable. The hospital sends it back to the company in California where the cushion is made into carpet padding.