Ardmore Man Arraigned

12-12-06 Brandon Ray Cross could face the death penalty if he is found guilty of strangling his wife. During Cross’ arraignment, district attorney Craig Ladd filed a bill of particulars listing nine reasons why he's seeking the death penalty for Brandon Ray Cross. Cross was arrested July 31st after police found his wife Mendy dead in the couple's home on Meadows Drive.

The D.A. says Cross had a history of violence long before Mendy's death. According to court documents his former wife is expected to testify that Cross put cameras in the home to detect her every move. He assaulted her several times, one time hitting her in the head with a steel kitchen pan because she wouldn't sleep with him. The document describes two incidents when Cross attacked Mendy and also indicates he raped her after strangling her in their garage. Cross’ trial is scheduled to begin in January.