Eating Healthier

12.14.06. There are many benefits to healthy eating including helping you feel better and live longer.

With our fast paced lifestyle, it's sometimes hard to juggle a busy schedule without throwing in some fast food from time to time. So some food for though on eating healthy.

First, eating family meals as much as possible will not only give you the chance to spend time with your family, it will also give you the opportunity to put healthy foods on the dinner table.

Here's something to think about, you are a role model for your children, so if you make it a point to eat health foods, they'll copy what you do.

Most of us like to snack. So keep good snack foods around the house like yogurt, fruits, and whole grain crackers with cheese, instead of foods like cupcakes and cookies.

And one last tip. Limit sugary drinks like soda and fruit flavored drinks. Instead serve water and milk. Both you and your children will be happier in the long run.