Coal Burning Power Plant Hearings in Austin

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12-14-06 A judge in Austin ruled Thursday that a decision will be made in six months on TXU's proposed coal burning power plants.

Groups in Texoma opposed to the plants say the judge's decision does not give them enough time to present their case against the plants.

Members of one opposition group say a typical hearing period for an issue like this is about a year and a half. Now, they have only six months to present their reasons for opposing the power plant.

A state judge in Austin ruled Thursday that the energy plants fall under the governor's executive order.

Governor Rick Perry's executive order speeds up the process for TXU to build 11 of these plants around the state.

The judge also ruled the Texas Clean Air Coalition can represent affected cities across the state, but each city will be heard as independent units.

Members of Citizens Organized for Resources and Environment, or CORE, say citizens concerned about th eplants should talk to their state legislators.

Eddie Self opposes the power plant. Self said, "Ask them to support a resolution for a moratorium for the permitting of all eleven of them. It's going to be 1 thing now, so we would like it stopped until further citizen input."

A state judge will conduct one hearing in February for all the coal plants, but each community will present why they would be uniquely affected by the plants.

But CORE will give their cas against the plants at local hearing until then.